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Dec 7, 2023

General Terms of Use

Last modified : February 11, 2015

Welcome to Vox de Cultura!

Vox de Cultura (VdC) is a subscription-based web radio established as a program unit of the Sacred Bridge Foundation, a cultural organization located at Jalan Gandaria Tengah III No. 9, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia, 12130.

These General Terms of Use are rules which must be obeyed by everyone accessing our website.

  1. Anyone is free to access all pages in our website, to use the commenting system on all content, and to listen to music sample, but in order to access audio content on our programs you must first subscribe.
  2. We expressly forbid Users from downloading whether temporarily or permanently all content contained within the VdC website.
  3. All Vox de Cultura content is the exclusive intellectual property right of Vox de Cultura.
  4. You are fully responsible for all comments written within the VdC website and you are forbidden from writing comments in conflict with general orderliness or which defies behavior standards generally accepted by the public, writing comments containing advertisement and/or containing hyperlinks to external websites whose contents conflict with these rules and use automated computer systems such as scripts to write comments or messages. Vox de Cultura reserves the right to delete all forms of comments which conflict with these rules.
  5. We respect the privacy of all persons.


Terms and Agreement for Subscriber

Last modified : February 11, 2015

Welcome to Vox de Cultura!

Vox de Cultura (VdC) is a subscription-based web radio established as a program unit of the Sacred Bridge Foundation, a cultural organization located at Jalan Gandaria Tengah III No. 9, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia, 12130.

This Terms and Agreement for Subscribers is an agreement which must be agreed upon by all subscribers.

Description of Service

  1. By subscribing to the Vox de Cultura website You will gain access to audio content within all our programs.
  2. The subscription packages we offer are as follows: a 1 (one) month package costing US$3 or Rp 30.000, a 6 (six) month package for US$12 or Rp 120.000, and a 12 (twelve) month package for US$18 or Rp 180.000.
  3. The music program we serve consists of three programs, which are Music Diary, Special Feature, and Live Streaming. The Music Diary and Special Feature programs are offered through an on-demand system, so that at any time you wish (so long as your subscription period still applies) you may access these programs. Meanwhile the Live Streaming program is offered through a live broadcasting system, you will only be able to access this program at particular times, during which we conduct a Live Broadcast.
  4. Vox de Cultura reserves the right to add, subtract, or revise the entirety of all offered music programs.


Payment, cancellation, and refund

  1. Payment of membership / subscription fees is done at the time of registration, and from that point on will be billed and paid with at least 1 (one) weeks’ time before subscription period ends. And we will provide extension payment time for the length of 3 (three) days after membership period ends. If on the 4th (fourth) day no extension payment is paid, then You will no longer be able to access music content.
  2. Members / subscribers living outside the borders of Indonesia must pay membership / subscription fees through PayPal. As for members / subscribers living within Indonesia, they may pay membership / subscription fees through either PayPal or via bank transfer. Vox de Cultura will not assume any additional charges arising due to the use of payment transaction facilities charged by the bank or credit card publisher (including but not limited to international transaction fees). Specifically for members/subscribers living within Indonesia who have opted to pay in Indonesian Rupiah, fees will be calculated based on exchange rates set by Vox de Cultura.
  3. Payment for services through transfer is considered valid if proof of transfer has been received by Vox de Cultura. Proof of transfer can be submitted via email to [email protected] and/or [email protected]
  4. Vox de Cultura will not be held responsible for any error in payment transaction, and should a cancellation of membership / subscription or of any other purchase occur, payment that has been paid will not be refundable for any reason whatsoever.


Account Security

  1. Each Member / Subscriber is fully responsible for keeping the secrecy of his/her chosen username and password throughout the registration process, and You are fully responsible for all activities recorded as being done under Your username and password.
  2. Each Member / Subscriber is forbidden from giving out their username and password to any other person for the purpose of accessing Vox de Cultura. Should this occur, then You are considered to be in violation of this binding Terms and Conditions within this agreement and as a result You will be expelled and suspended from membership in Vox de Cultura.
  3. You must be careful in accessing Your account from public computers or common-ownership computers, and you must make sure that nobody else can see or record Your password or other personal information. We will not be held responsible for any loss or damages resulting.
  4. Additionally, by using our website, You understand and agree that Internet transmission is never truly private nor secure. You understand that every message or information that You send through Internet services can possibly be read or circumvented by other people.


Service Availability

  1. We will attempt to provide service for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for so long as You have paid for services. Except in cases of technical disturbances beyond our control such as hacking and other possibilities, should any service interruption occur, we will give compensation in the form of extended membership time equal to the amount of days that You have not been able to access our website.
  2. We cannot make any guarantee that our services will not be interrupted by occurences of force majeure (such as earthquakes, volcanic eruption, landslide and flooding), fire, armed conflict, public riots, popular rebellion etc., which causes damages to network and/or Internet connectivity.


Time Period of Agreement

  1. This Agreement is in effect in accordance with the time period and/or type of membership which You have chosen (one month, six months, or twelve months).
  2. This agreement will continue to have full power so long as You are a member of Vox de Cultura. You can stop your membership and/or subscription at any time, by contacting our team online. We can terminate your Membership and/or Subscription, should You be considered to be in violation of the Terms and Conditions that have been stated in this Agreement and/or you have conducted any applicable criminal law without us having to inform You beforehand.


Support and communication policies

  1. Members/Subscribers in need of technical support can contact us during office hours, Jakarta local time, every Monday to Friday starting 09:00 a.m.­ ­– 05:00 p.m. (Western Indonesia Time) at the phone number (+62.21) 720 1734, or by Fax at (+62.21) 720 4654, or via email at [email protected] and/or [email protected]. We will respond to your email at the latest within 1×24 hours after we have received your email. And if you send us email outside of our office hours, we can only respond to your email on the next working day.
  2. Members/subscribers are expected to be professional and courteous in communications. We will not tolerate any violations whatsoever such as verbal and physical threats, whether written or spoken (including but not limited to threats of harassment), as this will result in the termination of subscription account of the offender.



  1. Vox de Cultura will submit only to all laws applicable in the Republic of Indonesia.
  2. All matters that have not been specified or agreed upon within this Agreement, will be amended at a later time when necessary. And should any disputes occur, these will be discussed and concluded by consensus agreement by all parties involved, and should consensus not be reached then matters will be decided based on the laws applicable within the Republic of Indonesia.