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May 6, 2021

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Does rock music still challenge the ways we do things? Unfortunately not. It may still “rock” the audience at concert stadiums, radio airwaves, and internet-based streaming, but certainly no longer rocks our mind and heart.

Rock music was born out of a movement in the early 1960s, a counter-culture movement that rocked materialism, racism, war, environmental deterioration, and gender inequality. Started as a cultural expression and symbolic system, rock music was then manipulated and transformed into the product of social, economic and legal playgrounds. As the movement was in motion, commercial demand for rock music was rising; many artists bowed to the fame and fortune within the industry. Rock music turned into market driven product instead of creation that keeps voicing out thoughts and enforcing changes.

Rocking the Mind is designed to revive the true spirit behind making music, i.e., to voice out conscience and thoughts to address cultural, social and political maelstrom. The above-mentioned issues are still alive and kicking, but rock music today has nothing to say about these issues. Perhaps by listening to this program, we can once again put music as an intellectual expression, not as a thing within creative goods.

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7 responses to “Rockin’ The Mind”

  1. Dwiki Yoenarso says:

    If Rock Music can be a platform to help us live with the context, we should Rock our head everyday!

  2. Joe Clark says:

    We all like to say we want to change the world, make it a better place, but as soon as our efforts begin to make us rich and famous, we all convert into the money worship faith. There are a few exceptions but, unfortunately, those are too few and far between. I’ve been told that even Bob Dylan once said that “it’s hard to give a care, once you become a millionaire”. Just look at our own US Government, once the best example of democracy, and see what money worship has turned all those high ideals into. People call me a cynic, but I believe I’m a realist, so, Rock on people, to the best music ever made: 60s & 70s Psy Rock!!!.

  3. adikara rachman says:

    this is what i need !

  4. Erlangga Utama says:

    nodding my head

  5. amicus says:

    Roger that, and rock on!

  6. Chinmay Munje says:

    top collection!

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