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Feb 29, 2024
Musical Treasure | Vox de Cultura

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When it comes to treasure in music, our attention usually narrows down to the celebrated performer, composer, conductor, and producer as if no one else deserves equal appreciation and recognition. Behind the music that we listen to, there are countless of individuals who actually contribute to the making, either directly or indirectly. These actors come from variety of fields, ranging from education, organology, acoustics, instrument making, management, and many others.

Musical Treasure is a program that highlights artists and non-artists who give invaluable contribution to the development of music. The presented works in this program feature both renowned and less known individuals, but perhaps less illustrious to most on the subject(s) noted in this program. Each entry is published periodically, containing music albums presented in thematic divisions. Each entry may contain 4 to 8 music albums depending on the number of works considered to be significant in each category.