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May 6, 2021
Live Presentation by Bintang Perkasa

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Before our world has the internet, recording technology, television, and radio, the only way to listen and enjoy music was to attend a live music event. Although we have many ways in enjoying music today, being at a live music performance is still a unique experience.

In the past twenty years global music revenue has shrunk from U$ 60 billion to U$ 15 billion. While the recorded music has suffered the worst drop, live music performance has managed to maintain a steady size; in fact, it has enjoyed an average growth of 1.03% in these past five years. So, amidst the changing ways in music buying, live music performance still matters. As previously mentioned, live music concerts give unique experiences not only to the audience, but also to the performers. At live music concerts people can identify themselves with the theme or message of the music, exchange expressions, and have sensory experiences.

Live music streaming is no match for live music concert, but perhaps it’s the next best thing. In this program, Vox de Cultura presents live music performed by talented musicians who have something to say or share through their music, may it be about the concept, playing techniques, form, style, composition or message. This program neither emphasizes on any certain musical genre nor the popularity of the artists. It is simply about bringing good live music to your ears.