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May 6, 2021
Musical Roots by Adikara Rachman

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Music departs from somewhere, created by certain people, in particular circumstances within a given time or period. This is why the world’s musical heritage is so diverse, with each having its own characteristics.

Each and every musical form that we know of actually “belongs” to its time, simply because it has its own cultural, social, political and technological settings that are specific to such period. So when we do a recital of the Baroque music, what belongs to today is the intrepretation, not the form. If we compose a new piece today in the Baroque form, the music will be in a Baroque style, but still it’s not Baroque music.

Can music start anew or progress without its past? Well, it never happens so far. None that we have and enjoy today took place out of nothing. There would be no Jazz if there were no Blues, and there wouldn’t be any Blues if there were no Gospel, and there wouldn’t be any Gospel without the Church and African music. History is a thing of the past people say, but make no mistake, it is our yesterday that get us here in our today. History shows us the timeline on how we get here today from the twig, to the branch, to the trunk, then to the roots of our tree, and down to the soil where the tree grows.